Greatest Wonder!

 Greatest Wonder



When upon my couch I rest and reflect,

And gaze out across the glass                                                   

Upon flowers yet to bloom,

I am struck by a thought!

A thought of wonder unexplained!

A thought on how Creation

Goes about its business –

To convert a leaf into a flower

That shows its beauty in colour and form.

In time decay takes over – the flower is no more.

Reflecting, I realize –

What is born must die,

Each playing the part,

Between Birth and Death,

In tune to Divine plan and process.

And who knows,

When and how death shall arrive?



26 August 2018




A Poem- Baby Cry




I cry in separation,

Wonder where YOU are,

Deep in preparation,

I wait for YOU.

Before the Beloved I bow,

Thanking for gifts HE gave,

Polishing each with a vow

To never forget HE made it so.

My tears shall bring Him near,

The wait is dear,

Time is flying,

My efforts be multiplied,

To bring HIM appear.

And pour HIS nectar Divine




April, 2017







(A humble submission)



At the Beginning-less Beginning of Time, there was ‘The One and Only One’ immersed deep in thoughtless contemplation. Then a thought arose – why keep these suffering souls in suspended animation? Release them, HE ordered and worlds of objects and living beings emerged out of HIM and re- started  their ‘Karma’, picking up from where they had left at ‘Mahapralaya’. This ‘One and Only One’ is the Creator; all powerful, immortal, bigger than the biggest, tinier than the tiniest, and above all HE resides in the heart of all beings imparting the power to perform actions, good or bad, and distributing fruits of their actions.


THAT is imperishable Brahman, God. HE is life, speech and mind. HE is inconceivable, beyond human perceptions. HE is known by several names, though conceptually names cannot describe HIS infinite attributes. However, THAT may be defined as one from whom world emerges, by whom world is sustained and into whom world folds back at the end of time cycle. THAT is big, infinite, and none is bigger or even equal to HIM. THAT creates and also enters into HIS creations – HE is everywhere. God resides in the heart of all living beings as ‘annu-tiniest of the tiny’ in order to note down all thoughts of the mind and dispense justice in accordance with HIS Law of Karma. HE is the controller and governor of all that is.


FIVE GREAT ELEMENTS. The world, as we see and experience, was made out of nothing.  It is a creation from God’s thought (Sat Sankalp). First came out space and then, through a divine process, came air, fire, water and earth, in that order. Further, through Cosmic intent, plan and energies, the five great elements converted into gross and subtle matter and took various forms, colours and character, charged with the ‘spirit’ emanating from God’s presence everywhere. The five great elements, in infinite combinations, are the building blocks of the world, the beautiful flora and fauna that we see all around us. The subtle and gross matter work side by side to exhibit their miraculous workings- such as a live hair or nail or flower becomes gross on expiry. Mother Nature (Maya) has its own time cycles, in perfect harmony, for various objects and beings.


THREE GREAT PLAYERS. The world, nay the cosmos, is a stage set by the Lord to play HIS infinite, eternal, cosmic drama of life (Leela). In this, the three players are- God (Bhagavan), Man (Jeeva) and world (Maya). The three have been, are, and will be; cannot get destroyed by itself or by one another. This is the Truth. Each has its part to play, but Bhagavan, the supreme power, rules over the other two. While Jeeva is Divine Shakti  (Potency), Maya is Gross Shakti (potency) of Bhagavan. The Lord has several Shaktis, yet jeeva and maya are important. Between Jeeva and Maya there is a difference. While Maya is personal power of Bhagavan, Jeeva due to its ignorance has been a captive of Maya, despite the fact that Jeeva is divine and Maya is gross. The Supreme Power, of course, has infinite potencies/ powers through which He may cause an event to happen or cause an event to not happen or cause an unimaginable event to happen. HIS ways are mysterious. In this great drama, Jeeva is Bhogta (experiencer) while Maya acts as Bhoga (objects to be enjoyed) and Bhagavan (prerak) controls and directs the show. Jeeva, forgetting his divine identity, is constantly searching happiness in objects and beings provided by Maya and is attracted towards it. In the process, his ‘Karmic’ account is unending and he is caught up in cycles of birth and death in numerous creatures. Maya has a strong hold over Jeeva through the three Gunas (Thought textures of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva). Maya, being a personal power of Bhagavan, will release a Jeeva only when Bhagavan orders- till then the Jeeva remains in bondage.


KARMA.  By the Law of Karma, which is meticulous in its application, every action, even a thought of intent in the mind, produces a reaction in the form of Punya (good) or Paapa (bad). These thought imprints are noted by Bhagavan constantly and HE dispenses fruits of actions accordingly. Good actions lead a soul to Swarga (Heaven) and bad actions to Narka (Hell).  With a balanced account of good and bad actions soul returns to mother earth, again and again, in any of 84 lac types of bodies, though not always in human form. However, some actions are free from Karma. All thoughts and actions performed in a spirit of service and sacrifice, in complete surrender, directed towards pleasing the Lord are beneficial. The Lord says, “Fix your Mind upon Me and perform action, giving up your ego, and I will wash away all your sins” or words to that effect. The main thing is, “Where the Mind is?” With a Mind immersed in thoughts of God only, free from all desires and attachments, and acting in the service of the Lord, human being is capable of freeing himself from the clutches of Maya. Human birth is unique and precious, in this regard.


THREE GUNAS.  The three Gunas namely Tamas, Rajas and Sattva are thought textures that define the personality and character of an individual. All three are present in various proportions in all beings and proportion also varies from time to time; sometime tamas is on the rise and so on. Infinite mixes cause peculiarities and distinctive characteristics in individual behaviour. Gunas also determine intent in actions such as charity, worship, kindness, eating habits, murder, etc. God notes only the intent in the Mind, not the physical execution of an action. Tamas exhibits as inertia, ignorance, self-centredness, hatred, obstinacy, etc. In Rajas there is intense activity, ambition, competition, desires, acquisitions and so on. Sattva is purity, serenity, contemplation, spiritual endeavour, love for God, kindness and such higher value character. All three bind to Maya. In order to free from bondage, one through self effort has to rise upward from Tamas to Rajas to Sattva. An advanced Yogi (one on spiritual path) overcomes the three Gunas and works still harder in order to get rid of Maya. Maya will go only upon Bhagavad Prapti (God-realisation) and this happens only by Bhagavan’s  Kripa (Grace). Maya’s hold through three Gunas is very strong, indeed.


HAPPINESS. Absolute, real happiness is that which is eternal and unlimited. Happiness that we experience through the world of objects and beings is limited, temporary, diminishing and vanishing and is followed by sorrow. It is like honey in the beginning but is poison in the end. Real happiness is obtained only on God-realisation when there is ‘Sukh Prapti’. Such happiness is trillions of times more in magnitude, is forever and there is no sorrow (Dukh) attached to it. An iota of such happiness we sometime experience in deep sleep state. It is rather strange that all beings at all times through all their efforts are constantly seeking happiness, peace, tranquillity and yet they don’t get it. Stranger still is the fact that no two individuals are alike and yet one commonality is that one and all are seeking happiness through all their actions and efforts. The reason is that their search is in the wrong arena. World of objects and beings (Sansar) does not have Divine Happiness which, in reality, each one is seeking. Divine Happiness lies within Divinity. Terrestrial happiness is enchanting and, therefore, very few opt for spiritual happiness. It has to be realized that absolute happiness ‘Ananda’ (Divine Bliss) is not in the world.


TWO PATHS. There is one Mind and it can either get attached to worldly pursuits or think about spiritual matters such as, “Who am I?”, “What do I really want?”, “What is the purpose of my birth?”, “What is death?”, “Who created the universe?”, and so on. The worldly path is full of desires for acquisitions. Fulfilment of desires leads to further desires in an unending spiral and bondage – This ends up in revolving in births and deaths as various creatures of the planet. This is the easy path. The search for Reality or Truth is a difficult journey on a path that requires giving up all desires, all attachments and focus only upon the ’One and Only’ God. Spiritual effort (Sadhana) is merely preparation to clean-up the mind, polluted with desires and Karmic account. Only when the pot of the Mind is fully clean would the enlightened GURU pour into it Divine eyes, mind and intellect through which God may be seen. The choice to choose the path is one’s own; whether to remain in bondage or get liberated from suffering, ignorance and Maya. MIND is the cause of bondage and liberation. Mind under control of Maya is attracted towards the world of Maya and hence the spiritual journey is extremely difficult. The world, including body, mind and intellect, is controlled by Maya that is gross whereas the soul is divine. Hence, area of operation of the body and mind is in the world but the soul really wants to connect with his Lord. Again, there is a choice to be made: whether to please the mind and senses or to work towards obtaining ‘Ananda’.


MIND. This is a unique and intricate instrument available to mankind that works non-stop, day and night, and drags the senses helter-skelter in search and fulfilment of never ending desires. Mind is Maya’s principal general who pulls the individual towards world’s attractions and obstructs thoughts towards the Divine. Thousands of thought waves pass through the mind each day. A single thought may become very powerful so as to make an individual a ‘Saint’ or a ‘Criminal’. Control of the mind, therefore, is absolutely essential for spiritual progress. But it is most powerful and difficult to control, being a part of Maya, a personal shakti of Bhagavan. However, it can be controlled through intense effort and renunciation. Absolute control is obtained when Maya goes, upon God-realization. It is said, “Conquer the Mind and you conquer the world”. An alert intellect can control the mind by constantly filtering thoughts and not allowing disrupting thoughts to take root and form a strong desire. A difficult task, indeed!


PURPOSE OF HUMAN BIRTH. Birth in a Human Body is unique and rare. It is the only assemblage among all life forms capable of obtaining God-realization, absolute happiness- Ananda, freedom from cycles of birth and death, permanent residence in the abode of Bhagavan, and enjoying personal relationship with God. This life should not be frittered away. God wants His children to return home and in HIS kindness gives them a chariot to do so. The human body is the chariot, senses of perception and action are the horses, powerful & wild. These horses are controlled by rope that is MIND. The mind is controlled by INTELLECT, the charioteer. Jeeva Atma (Soul) sits as a passenger. If the intellect is not alert and mind is let loose, then horses will run helter-skelter and carriage with passenger (Soul) will not reach home. Thus MIND plays a key role in our spiritual journey- controlled by a powerful intellect the goal can be achieved. The precious gift of birth in a human body is thus given to a soul to achieve the goal of knowing himself (Self-realization). An excerpt from writings of Parmahansa Yogananda states: “Many people may doubt that finding God is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn’t you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself.” Another name of Bhagavan is Ananda- Sat, Chit, Ananda. On obtaining Him, individual soul gets Ananda and divine knowledge and lots more from HIM. Purpose of life is clear- SEEK GOD. Seers say, “Wake up, man, achieve your goal in this birth alone or you may not get a human body in a trillion years”. Another excerpt from Parmahansa  Yogananda:

“Man has come on earth solely to learn to know God; he is here for no other reason. This is the true message of the Lord. To all those who seek and love Him, He tells of that great Life where there is no pain, no old age, no war, no death — only eternal assurance. In that Life nothing is destroyed. There is only ineffable happiness that will never grow stale — a happiness always new.

So that is why it is worthwhile to seek God. All those who sincerely seek Him will surely find Him. Those who want to love the Lord and yearn to enter His kingdom, and who sincerely wish in their hearts to know Him, will find Him. You must have an ever-increasing desire for Him, day and night. He will acknowledge your love by fulfilling His promise to you throughout eternity, and you shall know joy and happiness unending. All is light, all is joy, all is peace, all is love. He is all.”



DESIRES. These are stumbling blocks between me (Soul) and God. It is said, ”Man minus desires equals God”. It does not mean man becomes God- no way. It only means that upon dropping or reducing unwanted desires one acquires noble and God-like qualities. Desires are like bacteria; they multiply. Whether fulfilled or otherwise they have bad effects. If a desire gets fulfilled it leads to greed and further wants. If a desire gets blocked, anger erupts followed by revenge, envy, jealousy and even violence. Fulfilment entangles, non-fulfilment produces frustration, tension, instable mind and self-destructive tendencies. Both are bad. But any desire for God’s love or desires and actions directed towards God- realization or spiritual activities are beneficial, up-lifting and joy-giving. Desire-less actions without motives bring Happiness and Contentment and Nature also helps in this regard. Not only that, such desires and actions produce no ‘Karma’ and from that stand point Mind is getting cleaned-up to receive God’s Grace.


THE GOOD LIFE. Life is a long journey (0-100). This journey is full of challenges, opportunities, success and failure, physical disorders, mental incapacities, fame and dishonour, poverty, stinking wealth, war and peace, displacements and what have you. List is unending. It is surprising how man survives in plethora of adverse conditions? But things happen when they have to happen, like birth and death, beyond our control. Good days are followed by unpleasant experiences. There is constant change. But, in all this, one must not get extraordinarily elated in success nor break-down in distress. I do believe bad times make us stronger and it is part of our ‘Karma’. Money, of course, is required for survival and good living, which includes bringing-up a healthy and smart family, and is an assurance against bad times/ old age. But, I think, too much wealth is ‘calamitous’, as it brings in its wake ill-health, sleepless nights and tremendous sorrow. So, one should not run after wealth, fame and power. Let these come in a natural way. In this, the MIND should focus on the work at hand and action towards perfection. Rewards are bound to follow through hard work combined by faith and love for God. However, if focus is on reward/ money then outcome would be flawed. Unfortunately, today, world is running feverishly after money, fame and power and results are apparent- stress, early deaths, drugs, violence, rape, murder, crime, climate change, famine, displacements of millions by war,……………To enjoy a good life one need not join the ‘rat race’. Simple living, following a healthy routine in harmony with Nature, exercise, maintenance of good health without medicines, sun bathing at sunrise, right diet, timely and good sleep, hard and honest work to earn adequate for decent living, avoidance of anger/  hatred/conflict/ such negative thoughts through MIND MANAGEMENT, are some of the gate-ways to a good enjoyable life. Why worry when God is with us, within our heart, always and wherever we go? HE is our master and Lord and He Knows what is best for us. “In thy arms I rest, whither Thou taketh, You knoweth best”.



April, 2017.

Disclaimer: Views are my personal.







Beautiful Thought to Share

              DIVINE DIALOGUE

“Important to be a good Human Being”, says Lord Rama


Lakshmana asks Rama, on battlefield of Lanka, “Brother, how could you cremate the bodies of our enemies along with those of our own soldiers?”

Lord Rama answers: “Lakshmana, they were our men and Ravana’s men when they were alive. But, in death, they are no longer enemies. Do they not, all of them, deserve a solemn cremation?”

Lakshmana exclaims: “it is not like a true warrior, a Kshatriya, to be moved by emotion”.

Rama answers: “My brother, when we set out on this expedition, I too was full of anger and bitterness. But on our journey to Lanka, I have come to see that all of us have received the precious gift of life from the Gods, and that it more important to be a good human being than to be just a Kshatriya. Have we not, all of us, sprung from the same source? Rakshas, Vanas, man, beast, the birds of the air, the fish of the ocean? Yet, some of us, in ignorance, draw their bows and swords against their fellow creatures. Many have fallen on this battlefield today, and many more shall die before the war is done. And as a Kshatriya, I shall continue to fight my battles. But when I burn the dead, I will pray for a world free from all wars, where a man does not raise his hand in anger against his own brother.”

(Source: Wikiquote)


I see a deeper meaning in these few short lines, relevant to the present world ‘disorder’. A delicate balance between Duty, Compassion, Anger and Understanding has to be maintained.


Surinder, Dec 24, 2015





An Extract from Upanishad

Translated Extract from Mundaka Upanishad

This is a teacher – pupil conversation:

“THAT which is flame, which is subtler than the subtle,

On which the worlds are set, and their inhabitation,

That is the indestructible Brahman.

It is life, it is speech, and it is mind. That is the REAL. It is Immortal.

Taking as a bow the great weapon of the Upanishad,

One should put upon it an arrow sharpened by MEDITATION.

Stretching it with a thought directed to the essence of THAT,

Penetrate That Imperishable, as a Mark, my friend.

OM is the Bow, the arrow is the SOUL, and Brahman the mark.

By the non-distracted man IT is to be penetrated;

One should come to be in IT,

As the arrow becomes one with the mark.”

-Mundaka Upanishad: 2.2.2 – 2.2.4

The Upanishad in verse, 2.2.8 asserts that the man with the knowledge of the Soul and he who has become one with Brahman –  is liberated, is not affected by Karma, is free from sorrow and self-doubts –  is the one who lives in Bliss.

  1. Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood.
  2. Truth ultimately triumphs, not falsehood.
  3. The True prevail, not the untrue.


                   Courage- 2 O’ Clock

“Courage may be a virtue, where the daring act is extreme; and extreme fear no vice, when danger is extreme” – Thomas Hobbes.

“As to moral courage, I have very rarely met with the ‘two o’clock in the morning courage’, I mean, unprepared courage, that is necessary on an unexpected occasion, and which, in spite of the unforeseen events, leaves full freedom of judgement and decision” – Napoleon I: La Cases.

Some Thoughts

              MY SOUL

‘The Big I (EGO) speaks to The Subtle i (my Atma)’

Wonder what looks like a Soul!

To the naked eye, it seems, residing up in the crown,

And reverberating with a tune unheard.

And I am dazed to know,

That it is behind the senses, mind and intellect,

Supplying the power to think, see and act.

And when it goes out, it leaves my body dumb and stiff:

Then, can I ask where my Energy, Plans and Things have gone?

I am told it resides within my heart,

Tiniest of the tiniest it is, very subtle and strong,

That no thought or instruments can catch,

Yet it influences trillions of cells that body form,

And makes each one glow or dull like a firefly at night.

This spark within, they say, is my Soul,

That hath no birth, decay or death!

Who am I, so proud and powerful, to rule over others to obey,

It was just a chance that brought me here, thus in the fray.

My might is in the hands of ONE besides me,

Who keeps account of intent and lets me play.

When the show is over, we wind up, go up and return to another play.

This companion watches all actions of mine, good or bad,

Gives fruit and rejoices in matters Divine.

I say to my Atma:

“Enough is enough of the games we played”.

Now it is time for us to atone,

And surrender to our Lord each day.

And He may cast His glance upon us and say:

“Come, dear children, you have finished your play”.


October, 2015


                    WEALTH and CHARITY

‘Charity should be well directed towards the Needy and Noble Causes’

I liked this from the ‘Speaking Tree’, which is being shared: If a positive ‘Karma’ did manifest as Wealth, we should not look at it as, “What a good person I must have been in my last life, so now I am going to enjoy this Money to satisfy my selfish Desires.” On the contrary, the correct way to look at it is, “How wonderful to have the Money, so I can use it to help others.”



                    MY PRAYER

AS I grow old and old,

I want to behold,

THAT power that has a hold upon the young and old;

And holds together vast spaces, suns and all,

In perfect harmony,

To the wondrous amusement of all,

His creations big and small and infinite,

Go round and round in time and space with His command,

Not knowing the One behind this all.

AS I grow old and old,

I wonder what brought me here upon the firmament,

To toil and sweat for food and happiness.

My hunger was quenched with ease,

But happiness was not seen upon the land.

I struggled to find peace and happiness all through life,

But found suffering, pain and war.

Greed of man has snatched the Happiness away.

Each satisfaction brought delight, though pain followed in its way.

I know not what to do, to please my Soul,

In search for eternal Bliss and Happiness?

AS I grow old and old,

I realize this world is not what I want!

It is only a dance of light, energy and thoughts,

Moving around in forms, colours and sound,

To the delight of many and pain to victims of fate.

What use to toil when nothing I can take;

Leaving behind the Body here to merge in original state!

Dust to dust is the tale.

AS I grow old and old,

It dawns upon me what a fool I was!

The Body was given me to return home,

But I wasted it chasing the world of dreams.

Fleeting pleasures I got in plenty,

And thus got lost in the snare of desires, anger and greed

That bound me to the grave.

Not knowing, Real Happiness is not in the chase,

I gave away actions divine that please my Soul.

AS I grow old and old,

Many friends and associations I lose,

Tossed about, like driftwood, upon the turbulent river of life,

Drifting together for a while, we part to be seen no more.

What use it was to attach to things and beings,

That belonged not to me and taken away in a sway!

I came and leave without attachments,

That sure, is the way!

AS I grow old and old,

I begin to realize, life is a game to play,

To play it well is all that I can do.

To win or lose is not to be thought about,

To the hidden Force within, I surrender,

And shoot the arrow towards my Goal.

That takes me to the Beholden!